“Mini Motor Mouse”

Grade:  C

Bottom line:  Don’t buy it.

The purpose of the Mini Motor Mouse (we think) is for cats to entertain themselves by attempting to catch a mouse that spins in circles on a track, when the cats activate a motion sensor on the toy.  This toy has a thin, round top and a thick, round base with cut-outs in the middle that reveal the mouse track and provide room for the cats to catch the mouse.  Two pea-sized motion sensors on the sides set the mouse in motion.  It costs about $25.

Although both Shadi and Farhoud were interested in this toy initially, their interest quickly waned because they could not set off the motion sensors and activate the mouse.  One of the sensors did not work at all, and we could only activate the other sensor by physically pressing our finger onto the sensor and then removing it.  It is unlikely that Shadi and Farhoud or any cat would learn to press and hold their paw against the sensor to activate the mouse and do so repeatedly.  The toy showed promise, and we were initially excited, but it would benefit from a more sensitive motion sensor, of if a cat striking the mouse would set it in motion.

The CTR does not recommend this toy if you need a toy your cats can play with while you’re away.  The toy has some entertainment value if you are willing to sit with your cat and push the sensor every five seconds.  For $25, we expect more.

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